Departing Students Share Their EC Experience!

This week, EC Montreal will bid farewell to lovely students from Chile and Brazil.  We have loved hosting them throughout their EC language adventure and are sad to see them go.  We are so proud of all the achievements they have made.  Here is what they wanted to share with everyone about their EC experience:

My first day here, I was very nervous because I am not good at making new friends but people from EC, including the teachers made me feel really comfortable and welcomed, so I highly recommend this place to study and earn new experiences.  My English is definitely better thanks to all of you. – Renata from Chile

I decided to come to Montreal because I have a friends who lives here and he told me about the city and about the school.  I recommend the school to my friends because I learned a lot of new words and how to use these words.  The teachers are amazing and help us using all the ways that they have explaining word for word.  I made some friends and I learned more about their cultures too. – Anderson from Brazil

I chose EC so I could practice French and English at the same time.  I think I improved a lot, especially in French.  My favorite EC activity was the trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto because it was an opportunity to get to know a little bit more of Canada.  I really liked how the classes at EC are interactive and everyone is invited to participate.  I also loved the homestay I was re-allocated to and I loved that there were other students there as well. – Beatriz from Brazil

I chose Montreal because I have already been here and I love the city and the winter.  I learned French and I improved a lot my comprehension.  I loved knowing other people from other countries.  I liked a lot the school.  I would recommend EC to a friend.  I made friends with students from Colombia, Japan, Turkey, Brazil and Switzerland.  The teachers were awesome.  I loved them!  I will always remember the winter, snow and the fun times at school.  – Gisele from Brazil

I have chosen to come to Montreal because I have an old friend who lives here.  It was a really good time to learn and improve some reading and speaking skills.  I love the classes and how the teachers teach us.  It is so natural and gives us a lot of opportunity to discuss and talk about a huge range of subjects.  I love my teacher, Olga and all the expertise she shares with us.  For sure, I will miss her. –  Bruna from Brazil

I chose Montreal because my son lives here and it was easier for me to come and stay in his home.  I can use my English a lot and this was very important to improve my pronunciation.  The school is organized, clean and I loved the teachers.  I will recommend EC to all the people I meet.  Here, I had the opportunity to know people from other countries; Korea, Colombia and Japan.  Thank you so much. – Beto from Brazil

I chose EC Montreal because my husband came here for work.  I learned a lot of new things like new vocabulary and verbs.  I learned a lot more than I expected to.  I really liked listening to audios in class and revision activities.  I really liked how we learn in the class and the methodology used at EC.  I would recommend EC to a friend with some additional observations and tips.  I made friends with other students from Chile.  – Wilma from Chile

We are so glad these wonderful students decided to learn English and French in Montreal with EC!