Students Share Their EC Story!

Every week, EC Montreal meets with its departing students to get feedback on their journey learning English or French in Montreal.  This feedback is vital as we are constantly looking to improve our services and meet our student demands.  This week we met with students from Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and Switzerland.  These are their EC stories:

I chose this destination because it is a city that gives a lot of happiness.  I learned French here.  I learned a lot!  When I first arrived, I knew nothing.  Today, I can speak with people who are French speakers.  I really loved the activities!  Of course, I will recommend EC and will share my experience with everyone.(translated from French) – Juan Guillermo from Colombia

I learned lots of new vocabulary!  I think that I improved even though I was only here for two weeks.  My class was really full.  – Thayanne from Brazil

It was a good experience because the school is well organized and the teachers have a good level to teach the language.  I would have liked to see more student presentations, more practice with reading and more presentation techniques.  – Juan Manuel from Venezuela

I chose Montreal because I wanted to learn about a new country and new culture.  I stayed with Djamel for my entire eleven weeks with Djamel in the Intermediate class and benefited from a very small class size.  However, it would have been nice to get a taste of another teacher to see different teaching styles of French.  In the beginning, the activities are essential to make new friends.  My homestay host was the best!  She supported me more than just my French language learning.  I will never forget my time here in Montreal.  After these eleven weeks, I have a good feeling that I will pass the DELF exam in Switzerland and also thanks to Djamel for preparing me for it. – (translated from French) Saskia from Switzerland

I learned a lot of French here.  In the beginning I was in the beginner French class and after two months, I progressed to the Pre-Intermediate class.  Thanks for this experience.  I was really happy to be here.  I found a lot of new friends.  A lot of them are from Switzerland too.  Just one thing that I didn’t like, the school takes too many pictures!  – Oliver from Switzerland