Departing Students Share Their Montreal Experience!

This week EC Montreal met with departing students from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Japan to get their feedback and to learn what we could have done differently to make their experience even better.  This is what they had to stay about their EC Montreal experience:

I chose Montreal because I wanted to study French.  Here, I learned a lot of things like new vocabulary.  I think I improved a lot and now I can continue my studies in Brazil.  The thing that I liked the most was the people who are really welcoming.  I made a lot of new friends and I am really happy with that.  I would recommend EC to a friend and the friends I made here are from Brazil, Italy and Mexico.  I will remember a lot of things from Montreal but mostly the happiness that I felt here.  – Joana from Brazil

I chose Montreal because of the fact that people here speak English and French.  I came without speaking French and I am going back to Brazil being able to communicate.  The school was awesome.  I learned a lot here but also learned a lot  with my homestay.  I loved the activities after the classes.  They were really important for me to make friends.  I would definitely recommend EC!  It was the best experience of my life! – Gustavo from Brazil

I loved the teachers and the methodology.  I think I really improved my French.  I think the way classes are organized, alternating between grammar lessons and oral activities is very helpful. – Sophia from Brazil

I learned a lot thanks for all the knowledge.  It was a great experience.  I thought this was one of the best i my life!  Everything was so good and I will remember everything and everybody at EC.  Thanks!  I learned a lot! – Mariana from Mexico

I chose this destination because I want to live here.  I learned more English than I expected.  I really recommend EC because I think it is a good school for idioms, to make new friends and all of the teachers are really good. – Rodrigo from Mexico

I liked EC English because when I arrived here, I couldn’t speak and did not know how to write anything.  My experience right here was useful for me and I feel that I really improved my English. – Jean Paul from Colombia

I learned English at EC Montreal; speaking, listening, writing and reading.  The teachers here are very kind, so I can ask my teachers many questions.  My teachers corrected my pronunciation and grammar mistakes so I can improve my English skills.  Four weeks are not enough for me to study English, but I had a good time to study here. – Tomoki from Japan

We hope you too can join us to study English at EC Montreal!