Chanhee Yang From Korea: “The online class was really good…”

I miss my friends. Due to the current situation, our classes have been replaced and online classes have been offered. At first, I was worried. How can so many students take proper classes? However, the worries were also temporary.

Personally, some things were an improvement thanks to online classes.First of all, I had a rest. My homestay is a little far from school. I have to get up at 6 or 6:30 every morning. But these days, I wake up at 7 or 7:30 p.m. Sometimes I get up at eight. Second, there are more materials that teachers make. During school class, I received the contents of the class on paper or I wrote it in my notebook, but these days, I like that I can study with my laptop because I receive data through Powerpoint or Microsoft Word. Thirdly, I liked the fact that the number of students in a lecture was limited to six. The online class was really good because there were only a few people and I had more opportunities to speak. Lastly, I think it is really good that class hours are shorter than before, and that daily assignments are given, and that I can use the things I learned on that day through my homework. I feel like I’m getting the best efficiency with the least amount of lessons.

Without online classes with EC Montreal, I would have been isolated from home every day and feel lonely, but I feel less lonely because of the online classes.

I miss my friends so much. But when can I make these memories again? These online lectures are good, but I hope the situation will be over soon and the time when I take classes again at EC Montreal with my friends will come.