Departing Students Share Their Montreal Experience!

This week EC Montreal met with departing students from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Japan to get their feedback and to learn what we could have done differently to make their experience even better.  This is what they had to stay about their EC Montreal experience: I chose Montreal because I wanted … Read more

Montreal’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

On Sunday, March 22, EC Montreal students will participate in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.  This parade is a much-anticipated event in Montreal!  The Irish community represents a large percentage of Montreal’s population and this parade is serious business.  Montreal’s parade is the se … Read more

Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands!

The possible threat of catching the Coronavirus has caused some concern among our students and staff members. The safety of our EC Montreal family is our greatest concern and our priority. We have seen the news and have been bombarded on a daily basis with posts on our social media news-feed. We wan … Read more

Café Bloc: A Wall Climbing Experience!

At EC Montreal we are always looking into new spots our students can enjoy during their stay. Our students often come to see us to ask for suggestions on what they can do after class or on the weekend with their friends. Although EC Montreal organizes outings and weekend excursions every week, they … Read more

Montreal Fun Facts!

EC Montreal students realize it immediately after their arrival, that Montreal is an interesting, unique and cool city!  We bet you didn’t know the following fun facts about Montreal: Assasin’s Creed, one of the most popular and profitable video games ever was made in Montreal The very first h … Read more

Montreal Ranked the Happiest City in North America!

I remember a study that was done years ago on the friendliest city in Canada ad Montreal was ranked at the top.  They looked to see which city was the most welcoming by measuring the time people spend making eye contact.  Montrealers make the most eye contact so we are the friendliest!  It sounds a … Read more