Montreal Bagel Workshop with Lincoln Apartment Bakery!

EC Montreal offers an English or French plus Gastronomy programme as part of our course offering to students.  Montreal is a food lover’s paradise and named the Gastronomy capital of North America by Town and Country Magazine.  Any student who books this programme receives two gastronomy sessions per week in addition to their General English or General French programme.  EC Montreal works with a lot of different gastronomy vendors and offers a wide variety of sessions to our students.  There is no minimum level of language skills required as most of the sessions are hands on.  Students can choose culinary classes, mixology lessons, latte art, wine tasting, food tours, baking and pastry making sessions.  One of our favourite vendors is the Lincoln Apartment Bakery.  They offer the most wonderful sessions on cake decorating, pies, cupcakes, cookies, bread, macarons and Montreal style bagels.  EC Montreal even held one of our staff team-building sessions at the bakery.  We had so much fun making the most colourful and delicious macarons.  Everyone who participated had a lovely time and learned so much.

As we are all on lock down practicing social distancing, we asked Jessica from the bakery if she would give our students a free baking workshop.  She was more than happy to offer our students a free baking workshop.  This was very generous of Jessica and her team.  Sarah for the Lincoln Apartment Bakery gave a workshop on how to make Montreal bagels.  Montreal bagels are different from any other bagels in the world.  The secret is the honey as we learned on today’s session.  Sarah began by asking if we knew the basic ingredients that go into making bread.  We know that they are flour, yeast, water and salt.  For Montreal bagels, we also add 1 egg, half a cup of honey and sugar.  We boil the bagels in water and honey and then cover them in sesame seeds.  The bagels are then baked in a 420 degree oven for about 20 minutes.  The honey allows them to be beautifully caramelized and browned.  I always thought bagels were difficult to make but after today’s session, I can say that it is not so difficult!  I will definitely give them a try on my own!

I also learned on today’s call that Montreal bagels have been the only bagels in the word that have been eaten in space!  How cool is that?!

The Lincoln Apartment Bakery is only one of many vendors that EC Montreal uses for its English or French plus Gastronomy programme.  We will also be posting the recipe on Microsoft Teams where you can access your French or English online lessons.  We will also be posting today’s workshop as we recorded the session.  Please let us know if you try baking your own batch of Montreal style bagels!

We hope to bring  you more free webinars to help keep you entertained during this lock down.

Happy baking from EC Montreal!

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