Tips on Staying Cool During this Heat Wave!

We are experiencing tropical heat in Montreal this week!  With the humidity factor, it will feel like thirty seven degrees this week.  It helps that we are self-isolating and are at home.  There is nothing worse that sitting in traffic with this type of heat.  We felt it was important to share some tips on how to stay cool and safe during this incredible heat.

The first piece of advise we need to share is to stay hydrated.  You need to take the time to drink a lot of fluids, especially water when we experience this type of heat.  Fill up a large reusable bottle of water and keep it with you at all times.  Take sips throughout the day to ensure you are drinking enough.  While  you are taking your English or French online lessons, keep that bottle right next to you.

Make sure to wear loose clothing and if you have long hair, keep it away from your neck and face.  This will help keep you comfortable and cool throughout the day.

It is also best to eat lighter meals.  Make sure your meals consist mainly of fruits and vegetables.  Keep your house cool by not using your stove or oven too much.  You can prepare a delicious salad and instead of cooking your protein, add a can of tuna or some canned beans to your dish instead.

If you must go out, please make sure to use sunblock and protect your head from the hot son by using a cap or sun hat.  Try to stay in the shade and if you have one, bring a portable fan with you.  The dollar store sells the cutest portable fans that are found in every colour.  They really help if you are feeling a little overheated.

There is a misconception that you should take cold showers to stay cool, however, the opposite is true.  If you want to feel cool, take a hot shower.  Once you are out of the shower, you will immediately start to feel cooler.

If you are finding the heat unbearable, run cold water on your wrists.  This really helps to control your body temperature.

Treat yourself to an ice cold drink, ice cream or a popsicle to help you cope.

Stay cool and safe while you are studying online in Montreal!

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