Recipe of the Week!

Restaurants in Montreal have officially reopened!  Montreal is known for his incredible restaurant scene!  Second to New York City, Montreal has the most restaurants per capita.  There are over six thousand restaurants on the island of Montreal!  Montreal is also one of the most multicultural cities … Read more

And Now a Word From Our Teachers…

Every week, EC Montreal has been introducing you to our team of teachers. Our teachers have transitioned to an online teaching platform beautifully during this pandemic. EC Montreal is now working on our reopening plans. We are scheduled to reopen our school on August 31. We are devising a plan to o … Read more

Pathway Partner Presentation: Vancouver Film School!

This evening, EC Montreal welcomed a guest speaker from the Vancouver Film School, to present their different programmes.  Sergio, EC’s university pathway counsellor, introduced the participants to EC’s programme and all the support we are able to provide to our students.  He then introd … Read more

Throwback Thursday!

This week’s Throwback Thursday image is our annual ice cream days at EC Montreal!  I still remember the first ice cream day we organized as our Wednesday complimentary activity!  We were experiencing a heat wave in the city, similar to the one we are living this week in Montreal. It was hot an … Read more

Montreal’s Live Digital Jazz Fest!

If the world was not dealing with this pandemic, we would be getting ready to celebrate Montreal’s biggest festival this week; the International Jazz Fest! The city really comes to life during this festival at the Quartier des Spectacles. It is like the entire city is having a party and the world is … Read more

French For Beginners Workshop!

Yesterday, our French programme was given a spotlight to shine!  EC Montreal’s French teacher, Shahrzad prepared a workshop for beginners.  With the help of EC’s West Coast ambassador, Arielle, Shahrzad presented to any EC virtual student studying in North America. The workshop included … Read more

Recipe of the Week!

EC Montreal’s recipe of the week is pesto pasta!  It is officially summer and a lot of Montrealers grow their own vegetable and herb garden.  There is something really special about going into your own backyard and picking from nature’s garden in preparation for your next meal!  Many Mon … Read more

And Now a Word From Our Teachers…

Every week, EC Montreal is sharing feedback from our team of teachers.  It is important to hear what they have to say about teaching online, about blended learning and what the future holds for the EFL industry. This week, we are hearing from our English teacher, Pooria Tayaran, who has been teachin … Read more

Donny Kim From Korea: “I Love EC Montreal…”

EC Montreal received the most beautiful testimonial today from one of our wonderful student ambassadors, Donny.  He has been an exceptional student and we will miss him dearly.  We hope to welcome him back to EC Montreal one day. Here is what Donny had to share with all of you: I LOVE EC MONTREAL – … Read more