Throwback Thursday!

This week’s Throwback Thursday is an image of the African Dance lessons we held at EC Montreal. Every July, Montreal hosts an annual festival called “Nuits d’Afrique”. The festival consists of musical and dance performances showcasing Africa’s diverse traditions and rich culture. At EC Montreal, we like to give our students a taste of these wonderful festivals taking place in the city. We invited one of the festival performers to give a free dance lesson to our students. We danced traditional movements of West Africa. It was a lot of fun and an excellent work out!

Making students feel good about their decision in choosing Montreal is one of our priorities at EC Montreal. We want them to take advantage of all the wonderful festivals and events happening around the city by giving them a sneak preview at the school through our complimentary activities and then including the events as outings on our monthly activities calendar. These student activities help our students to connect with one another, making friends, practicing their language skills, discovering Montreal and having a marvellous time!

EC Montreal has held many different types of dance classes throughout the years. We have hosted salsa lessons, dance fit classes and many other types of workouts and self-defense classes.

These kinds of activities are really a perfect way to improve your English and have fun with your classmates. We look forward to organizing these activities for our students when the time is right. As social gatherings are still being discouraged as we deal with the ever present covid-19 virus, EC Montreal will be making activity suggestions for the time being. We will post the suggestions on Microsoft Teams where students access their English or French online lessons. When we return to school on August 31, we will be including these suggestions on our activity boards located around the school.

A friendly reminder that masks are now mandatory in all indoor spaced in Montreal and you can face fines if this is not respected. You will be able to purchase EC branded masks at the school or you can buy yourself a pack of disposable masks at any pharmacy.
Stay safe and have fun in magical Montreal!

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