Quebec’s Back to School Plan Revealed

Today, the Quebec government revealed its back to school plan.  EC Montreal will be applying some of these safety measures to our reopening, so we are on the same page of the recommended guidelines.

The first thing thing that was discussed was mask wearing.  They are making masks mandatory for all children who are 10 years old and older in the classroom and in all common areas.

The second guideline is for students to remain in bubbles at all times.  All students will remain in their own class at all times with their classmates.

The classes will also have staggered break times to avoid congestion in the hallways and school yard.  Online classes will remain available to vulnerable students or students with vulnerable parents.

Schools will have an information campaign prior to the start of the school year with information on the safety guidelines.  Parents will be notified immediately if there is a declared test from the school or from the classroom.  The communication will include a self-care guide.  The most important phone number students and parents will need is 1-877-644-4545.  This is the number you call if you suspect you have the virus or if you need instructions on what to do if you have come in contact with the virus.

If for any reason, the school or class is required to shut down immediately because of a covid-19 outbreak, online classes will resume within a 24-hour time period.  We are relying on technology to help us get through any temporary school closures.

EC Montreal will be holding training sessions with our students on Microsoft Teams before our August 31 start date. We will be going over all of our safety measures including screening, social distancing and all the personal protection installations made at the center.

Any students who does not feel comfortable returning to face-to-face learning, will be given the option of online English or French classes with EC Virtual.  They will be given a new class schedule.

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