University Pathway Presentation From St. Lawrence College!

Our EC Canadian centers offer counselling and services to students interested in creating a pathway to college or university in Canada.  The EC schools offer academic courses that prepare students for their road to post-secondary or higher education studies.  Sergio, is our university pathway coordinator.  He acts as a liaison between EC and the educational institution.  He helps to counsel students on the different programmes available in Canada as well as all the pathway partners EC works with.  He assists students with the application process once they have made their choice and is always looking to find new and interesting partners for EC.  In addition to all these tasks, he also organizes webinars and lectures with our pathway partners.

Last week, he organized a webinar with St. Lawrence College.  Mr. Stanislav Gratkov, from St. Lawrence delivered the presentation.  EC Montreal was very well represented!  We had students from all our English levels participate in the special lecture.  Stanislav explained that St. Lawrence College has campuses in three different cities in Ontario; Kingston, Cornwall and Brockville.  All three campuses offer a variety of really great programmes.  St. Lawrence offers over one hundred different programmes.  Their most popular programmes are; Energy Systems Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biotechnology, Advanced Health Information Management, Health Care Administration, Business Analytics, Music and Digital Media and a variety of IT Programmes.

St. Lawrence offers Co-Op programmes where students can get real work experience in cooperation with their studies, so when they complete their studies, they have valid employment experience to add to their resume.

They also offer other important services such as housing and extra curricular activities.

Due to covid, they have moved all their programmes online.  Their institutions have recently been added to the list of DLI list of approved educational providers to be granted admission into the country.

International borders are still closed, however, essential travellers are permitted.  International students holding a valid study permit, attending an institution that is on the DLI list is permitted.  EC Montreal is accepting international students with study permits as is EC Vancouver.  Our EC Toronto school will soon be approved as well.

Our EC Montreal students really enjoyed the webinar and look forward to being invited to another one soon!

If  you are thinking of a future in Canada, EC’s University Pathway Programme might be the best option for you!  Contact us today for more information!

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