Korean Street Food Right in Front of EC Montreal!

EC Montreal’s neighbourhood just got a little more exciting!  We learned this week that a new Korean street food hot dog restaurant opened up right in front of the school!  It is called Chung Chun Rice Dog and it has locations all over the world!  They now have a restaurant in all three of EC’s Canadian destinations; Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

They serve fried hot dogs on a stick that are coated in a variety of batters and different toppings.  They have ramen noodles, rise crisps, potato flakes and breadcrumbs.  They have a variety of hot dogs mixed with mozzarella cheese.

On their first day, there was a line up around the corner for a taste of this really interesting looking hot dog on a stick.

The neighbourhood is really coming to life with the Japanese cheesecake shop that opened a couple of years ago and the new pizza place called Slice and Soda that looks really cool and funky!

We can’t wait to give these interesting Korean hot dogs a try, but perhaps it is best to wait until the line ups die down.  Our EC Montreal students are going to be so excited to discover a new eatery in Montreal that is fun, delicious and budget friendly!

Montreal’s food scene just keeps getting better and better!  Come join us at EC Montreal and get a taste of this food lover’s paradise!  Second to New York City, we have the most restaurants per capita and truly reflects the multi-cultural make up of our city.  You will find different types of cuisines and styles.  Dining rooms in Montreal are currently closed due to the pandemic, however, most are still open offering take out and delivery options.  Some of the best restaurants in Montreal, called Garde Manger owned by celebrity chef, Chuck Hughes, is offering affordable options and is even giving away gift boxes with his sauces and spreads with orders exceeding $100!

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