December Teachers of the Month!

We would have liked to present our winning teachers of the month in person, however, due to the new lock down, we are working online.  We are delighted to announce our December teachers of the month; Mariella and Shahrzad!  We created a Facebook poll and asked our students to cast their vote for their favourite teacher in December.

Our students took the time to cast their vote and to write a comment about their favourite teacher.  It always delights us to see that every teacher receives votes and how very much they are appreciated by our students.  So many of our EC Montreal students decide to extend their studies with us and it has everything to do with our team of teachers.  They motivate, encourage, inspire and befriend.  Their lessons come to life and our students feel so engaged.  Our students progress beautifully and the most important thing is that they feel like they are part of the EC Montreal family.  Even with our online lessons, our students bond with each other and feel connected to the community we have created at EC.

We are delighted for Shahrzad and Mariella and are happy to share their comments with all of you:

My teacher is so kind and friendly.

She is always so prepared with very good lessons.

She cares about her students and wants us to improve.

She is funny and a good teacher.

She makes me want to learn more.

She gives us good advise and explanations.

She is patient and lovely.

I want to study more because I enjoy the classes.

I never liked learning before this class.

Congratulations again to our star teachers; Mariella and Shahrzad!  You too can join us at EC Montreal for our virtual lessons!  You will not only learn a language, but you will be part of our wonderful EC Montreal community as well!

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