Throwback Thursday!

This week’s Throwback Thursday is of our Healthy Lunch Day activities held at EC Montreal.  The entire month of January was always dedicated to New Year’s resolutions.  One of the most popular resolutions people make when they welcome a new year is to eat healthy or lose weight.  So, to help our students keep their promise to themselves and to set a positive tone to the year, we kick off the calendar of events with a healthy lunch day.

We convert the breakfast bar in the student lounge into a salad bar!  We offer bowls and bowls of different kinds of lettuce like romaine, spinach and arugula.  We then try to include as many vegetables and salad toppings that we could fit on the bar!

The students line up around the school waiting for their turn to get a bowl of delicious salad filled with vitamins and nutrients.  It is also so interesting to see how different and unique each salad bowl is.  Some prefer mostly lettuce while others add every single topping available!

At EC Montreal we love to give our students these wonderful opportunities to hang out at the school after their English or French lessons and interact with one another and create friendships that will last them a lifetime.  I am so happy to see EC Montreal Facebook groups dated back years and years that remain so active.  I have heard of students travelling to each other’s home countries to vacation, attend weddings and other special events.  It delights us beyond belief that we played a part in creating these friendships.

When the time is right we will resume these wonderful social gatherings in EC Montreal’s student lounge that is the heart of the school and the center of our EC community!

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