Welcome Back!

Welcome back to EC Montreal!

Today is our first day back to the centre after the Christmas break. We were meant to resume our face to face lessons on January 4, however, the Quebec government mandated us to go on a temporary lock down to help prevent the spread of the virus. We are so excited to be back and to see our students again! In addition to welcoming back our students we were happy to welcome five new students today from five different countries; Japan, Mexico, Colombia, Libya and Italy! We currently have fifteen different nationalities represented at EC Montreal this week! It is beautiful to see the world coming to us at EC!

It doesn’t take long for our students to bond with one another and make lifelong friendships. Even during these difficult times of restrictions, students find a way to connect through the lessons and online. It is important for our students to feel like they are part of a community at EC. We need to stay connected for our overall well-being.

As we walk down our corridors at EC Montreal and take a peek inside the classrooms, it warms our hearts to see so many happy students. Everyone is wearing a mask, but you can tell they are smiling as they work on their English and French language skills. The teachers are so animated and enthusiastic and the students so motivated to improve. We can hear laughter and joyful conversations from every single one of our classes.

You can begin your language journey with EC Montreal! Our borders are open to essential travellers which include study permit holders. Join us for a winter wonderland adventure with EC Montreal! It is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Montreal! There are so many winter sports you can participate in to really get a feel for this magical season!

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