City of Montreal’s Snowman Competition!

The city of Montreal has come up with a fun winter contest to get us through the pandemic blues and we are so excited about it! It is a snowman building contest! With all the snow we have been getting in Montreal, it will not be difficult to build incredible creations in this winter wonderland!

You may have noticed so many snow sculptures on your way to school. All these impressive creations are part of the contest. We have until March 8, 2021 to enter into the contest. All you have to do is create a sculpture and submit it as an individual, a family or a school to the City of Montreal website entry here: The winners will be judged based on how many votes each entry receives. The winner will also be announced on the City of Montreal Facebook page. There are age categories as well. You can win a $50 gift card as an individual and $350 as a school group. You need to use a Montreal residence address in your submission. You can build your creation in a public park setting or on private property.

Wouldn’t it be great to enter a submission on behalf of EC Montreal? We can use the winning $350 towards a group prize. We are asking all EC Montreal students interested in participating in this contest to work on a creation and submit it to the EC Montreal team. We will choose the best one and submit it on behalf of the school. The more entries we have the better chance we have of winning the prize.

Tell your homestay hosts about the contest and work on a sculpture together! You can send all your images to EC Montreal’s email address:

Please remember when going outside to dress appropriately. Keep your extremities warm with a good hat, waterproof mittens and boots. Wear a face mask if you are going to a public park and building with others who are not within your social bubble.

We cannot wait to see what our very imaginative students create! Good luck!

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