Yui Takagi From Japan: “This experience has been the highlight of my life…”

Yui Takagi is a lovely student from Japan participating in EC Montreal’s Academic Year Semi-Intensive programme. She began her studies with us at EC Montreal right when we were mandated to go on lock down last March. This did not stop Yui from learning and being extremely enthusiastic about her learning. I still remember our first communication with Yui after she arrived into Montreal. Her homestay host helped with the initial conversation. She did her placement test virtually and continued in her online lessons until EC Montreal reopened on August 31.

She has successfully advanced from our elementary level to advanced during these months. Her Upper-Intermediate teacher, Olga, had this to say about Yui; “Yui is super sociable, has made English-speaking friends, is very much interested in photography and has shared some wonderful pictures of Montreal. She has moved to the advanced level at EC because of all her amazing progress!”
Yui will continue to study in our advanced level until the end of February. We are so very proud of all the achievements she has realized with us at EC Montreal. Here is what Yui has to say about her EC experience:

I am sure nobody feels uncomfortable or has any type of hesitation about “trying” in our class. This is a result of the teachers always making sure we feel relaxed in creating an affable atmosphere. What EC gave me is not only the ability to speak English fluently, but also the opportunity to practice how to break away from passive attitudes and incorporate this attitude to real life. You come to realize the skills you lack and do what is necessary to make up for it. I think this is the perfect place for anybody who needs that push to excel. During the last ten months, the things I have learned at EC are undoubtedly irreplaceable and this experience as been the highlight of my life.

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