Throwback Thursday!

This week’s Throwback Thursday are images of EC Montreal’s annual Taste of Poutine activity as part of our Gastronomy themed month of activities.  The entire month of April is dedicated to Gastronomy!  Introducing students to the different savours and flavours of Montreal through culinary classes, pastry making, food festivals, wine tasting and other food related events!

The city of Montreal has been named the Gastronomy Capital of North America by Town and Country Magazine.  Montreal truly is a food lover’s paradise.  The beautiful diversity we find in our people, we also find in our food scene.  We have over six thousand restaurants on the island of Montreal and they reflect all the wonderful nationalities represented here.  Whatever your budget and whatever your cravings, you will satisfy your mood in Montreal!

In addition to the great variety in restaurants, there is an abundance of culinary classes, baking, wine tasting, barista lessons, food tours and so much more!

A visit to Montreal would not be complete without getting a taste of our local foods.  One of the most popular dishes is the ultimate comfort food; poutine!  Poutine comes from the slang French word “pudding” which translates to a beautiful mess.  Poutine is made with french fries, cheese curds and gravy.  Many restaurants, even the high end ones, have their own version of poutine.  It can be topped with lobster, as they prepare it at Garde Manger, or topped with foie gras, as they do at Pieds de Cochons.

Going out for poutine is one of our most popular welcome events at EC Montreal!  We usually take our students to Poutineville or La Banquise.  La Banquise serves hundreds of different kinds of poutine topped with so many amazing ingredients!  Personally, I like the classic one.

At EC Montreal, our Taste of Poutine activity was one of most popular events!  We would get large platters of poutine from a local restaurant and students would line up to get a taste of deliciousness!

Montreal will be hosting its annual Poutine Festival the first week in May.  Because of the pandemic, it will be a drive through event and there will be many different restaurants showcasing their poutine menus.  The festival will take place in the parking lot of Place Vertu shopping mall close to the Cote Vertu metro.

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