Bake Sale Success at EC Montreal!

Yesterday, EC Montreal held its 16th annual charity bake sale for the Shriner’s Hospital for Sick Children Canada.  It was a whole day of giving and all of the EC Montreal community got involved!  Earlier this week, our EC Montreal team of ambassadors and our activity leader, Nanys, went to al … Read more

Students Share Their EC Montreal Experience!

Every week, EC Montreal meets with its departing students to get feedback on their language adventure.  We rely on this feedback to improve our services in all areas.  This week, we met with students from Colombia, France, Korea and Taiwan.  This is what they had to say about their EC experience: I … Read more

November Teachers of the Month!

Every month at EC Montreal, students have a chance to vote for their favorite teacher in our teacher of the month contest.  Our team of student ambassadors distribute the voting ballots to all the students.  We count the votes and determine the winning English and French teachers.  The voting ballot … Read more

Joyful December at EC Montreal!

It is the last week of November and find it impossible to believe that there are only four weeks left of 2019!  It has been such an eventful year at EC Montreal.  We welcomed close to two thousand students at EC Montreal in 2019!  The world truly came to us!  We had so many wonderful students from L … Read more

A Tree Trimming Party at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal held a tree trimming party in the student lounge this afternoon.  It was the last of our “feel good” November complimentary activities.  The month of November was dedicated to feeding the mind, body and soul.  All the activities revolved around very positive and uplifting act … Read more

Sweet Tooth for a Good Cause at EC Montreal!

As the holiday season approaches, at EC Montreal we believe it’s extremely important to give back to those that are in need. We are ecstatic to announce that next week on December 4th EC Montreal will be holding for its 16th consecutive year, the annual Christmas charity bake sale! Like in previous … Read more

A Pathway Guide to Success in College!

Yesterday at EC Montreal we had the incredible opportunity to welcome Carolyn Bercu, the Pathway Director for all of EC Canada schools at what an amazing turnout we had! If you haven’t had the chance to know her, Carolyn guides students currently at EC, studying French or English, in the transition … Read more