Montreal’s energy attracts world class celebrities

It is going to be a hoooot summer in Montreal and when I’m saying this it’s not because I checked the weather forecast! It is because among the many concerts that will be held  in our city this summer one surely stands out: Jenifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias are kicking-off their world tours with a concert together in Montreal Saturday July 14th  at the Bell Center! So, let the party begin! They are not the only ones to start their world tours in Montreal. Just a few days ago Red Hot Chili Peppers did the same in front of an amazing crowd. It makes you wonder what makes Montreal such a desirable place for celebrities ( that would raise impressive audiences anywhere in the world for that matter) to choose Montreal as the starting point of their international journey! Well according to what most of them say it is the energy of the place, it’s  the fact that they seem to feed on the energy that their Montreal audience and the city as a whole emanates. It is great to see that Montreal is an attraction point for the world’s famous artists!

The results are in! Mirror newspaper Best of Montreal!

Montrealers have a chance to vote every year for what they think is the “Best of Montreal”.  We vote on the best places to eat, drink, shop, museums, local celebrities and much much more!! Our students are always asking us what our favorite places are.  They want to experience Montreal through the eyes of a Montrealer.  Some of my favorite sposts made the top 5!! Have a look at the lists – it will really motivate you to get out there are try all these spots!!

Celebrities LOVE Montreal!

What do Robert De Niro, Tom Cruise, Bono, Ben Affleck and Angelina Jolie have in common?  They all fell in love with Montreal, like dozens of other celebrities.  Their opinions about Montreal are now showcased on-line for the first time in The Montreal Golden Book of Celebrity Quotes ( created by Tourisme Montreal. “It’s quite impressive to see how many celebrities fall in love with Montreal.  They all seem to agree there is something special about the city with its French and English cultures living side by side, its history, nightlife, gastronomy, unique way of life and especially, its high level of safety”, said Charles Lapointe, President and CEO of Tourisme Montreal. Some of the best quotes include well-know celebrities: “I love Montreal.  It’s my favourite North American city.  I was there for a year.  I like the mix of cultures”.  – Actor Nick Nolte. “I used to go to Montreal.  My mother took me to my first hockey game.  In the early 70’s, I used to play ice hockey you know, on the outdoor rinks.  That’s where I learned how to play hockey in Canada, in Montreal, and I’ve been to Montreal on and off over the years.  Great city.  Good restaurants man.  It’s a good place, I like it”.  – Actor Tom Cruise. “Montreal is a great city, a terrific city”.  – Actor Robert DeNiro. “There’s something special about Montreal, I don’t know what it is because I didn’t spend enough time here, but the band is attracted by the city.  Maybe it’s because of the dual culture which, in a way, reminds us of Ireland, or because Montreal is more a cultural center than a political center, or simply because Montreal has some of the most beautiful women I ever saw in my life”.  – Bono, lead … Read more