Are You Ready for a New Challenge in 2014? Come to Study and Work in Canada!

Have you ever dreamed about studying and working abroad? The co-op programmeoffered at EC Montreal makes it possible! This programme allows you to study English and/or French and work afterwards – anywhere in Canada. By participating in this programme, you will be able to learn two languages, practice these languages in real life situations and gain … Read more

Language Courses at EC Montreal – Simply Fantastic!

Did you ever want to go abroad to study English or French? Or both languages at the same time? Then EC Montreal is the right place for your international language experience! Montreal is the biggest bilingual city in the world which offers you a great opportunity to practice two languages in the same place. Many of … Read more

Job Inbterview in Canada?! Useful Tips from our Academic Year Advisors!

Every Friday, EC Montreal students have the opportunity to participate in our English/ French for Work Workshops, which offer a great chance to develop crucial skills for the job market. If you plan to study abroad at EC Montreal, these workshops will help you to prepare for your professional future! You will be able to learn how … Read more

A Wonderful EC Montreal Homestay Experience!

Every time we hear of a great experience from our EC Montreal students or homestay hosts, we want to share it! One of the most recent ones is a comment from our homestay host, Alethia Murray.   She hosted a Japanese student, Yuki, for the entire summer, and after he left, she called to say that it was … Read more

Our EC Montreal homestays make us proud

It takes a lot of qualities to be a good homestay host for our EC Montreal students. When we are recruiting from hosts we are looking for all those qualities that make a welcoming and attentive host: interest in other cultures, caring, passionate about the programme, etc. Most of or homestay hosts would go the … Read more


There are a lot of benefits from choosing homestay.  Your homestay could be a single woman or man, couple with or without children or a single woman with children.  Choosing homestay will not only help you improve the language that you are studying but will teach you about other cultures.  Students travelling abroad to learn … Read more