Meet Valerie Clayton: A Wonderful Homestay Hostess & More!

  It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you one of  many EC Montreal English School’s very committed host hostess: Valerie Clayton. Valerie has been a homestay host for our school for many years now, and she likes to get involved in the EC Montreal community: guest speaker for our new host family workshops, airport greeter, volunteer for EC Montreal’s fundraising events and more recently EC Montreal’s homestay recruiter of new families. This is what Valerie would like to share with you: “My 10 years experience as a home stay mom have proven to be exciting and very rewarding.  It has brought many new cultures into my home and I have enjoyed sharing our Canadian customs with these foreign students.I am a dedicated, patient person who loves to spend time with students.  I am thrilled to be a home stay recruiter for EC Montreal. If you would like to find out more or have any questions about hosting students please feel free to send me an email  at“ Thank you Valerie for your commitment and enthusiasm!

Are You Ready for a New Challenge in 2014? Come to Study and Work in Canada!

Have you ever dreamed about studying and working abroad? The co-op programmeoffered at EC Montreal makes it possible! This programme allows you to study English and/or French and work afterwards – anywhere in Canada. By participating in this programme, you will be able to learn two languages, practice these languages in real life situations and gain international work experience. Follow the Step-by-Step procedure to register for the co-op programme: Decide how many weeks you would like to study and work. Choose a date for your study-work experience: Please plan a while ahead, as it might take some time to get your permits. Register for the Co-Op programme at EC Montreal. Pay the fees: You will need to attach a Letter of Acceptance from the school to your Visa application. Submit your application for the Study and Work permit to Immigration Canada. Wait and be patient 🙂 Once your application has been approved you can get ready for your Canadian experience! If you would like to have more information about prices and procedures, please consult our webpage or e-mail us! We are already excited to welcome you in our beautiful school!

Language Courses at EC Montreal – Simply Fantastic!

Did you ever want to go abroad to study English or French? Or both languages at the same time? Then EC Montreal is the right place for your international language experience! Montreal is the biggest bilingual city in the world which offers you a great opportunity to practice two languages in the same place. Many of our students chose Montreal as their study destination because of its cultural diversity.  Besides the English and French face of the city, many cultural communities have been created throughout a history of constant immigration. If you come to Montreal, you will probably find a bit of your home. One of our students, Patricia from Brazil, said: “Here in Montreal, you will meet the world. I am such big fan of this city, simply because of its multicultural character! You immediately feel at home. And if you have troubles finding your connections, the EC Montreal team will certainly help you to succeed in a global community!” As results from our bi-weekly surveys, studying at EC Montreal has been a great experience for many students! Adriana from Venezuela stated:” I am really having a great time here at EC Montreal. I am studying here since September 2013 and I will now extend for another couple of months! What can I say, everything is awesome here!!! Great classes! Great environment! Great staff! Great teachers! Great friends! I am happy to say that I improved my French from Beginner to Pre-intermediate in only some months! Thank you very much for everything!” ==== EC offers various English Courses, including basic English in Montreal!

Job Inbterview in Canada?! Useful Tips from our Academic Year Advisors!

Every Friday, EC Montreal students have the opportunity to participate in our English/ French for Work Workshops, which offer a great chance to develop crucial skills for the job market. If you plan to study abroad at EC Montreal, these workshops will help you to prepare for your professional future! You will be able to learn how to prepare your resume according to Canadian standards and how to prepare for a Job Interview. These short workshops consist of information sharing as well as practicing the recently learned skills within the group. Our qualified teachers will assist you and share very useful tips!

A Wonderful EC Montreal Homestay Experience!

Every time we hear of a great experience from our EC Montreal students or homestay hosts, we want to share it! One of the most recent ones is a comment from our homestay host, Alethia Murray.   She hosted a Japanese student, Yuki, for the entire summer, and after he left, she called to say that it was the best homestay experience she has ever had.  She said Yuki was polite, well-mannered and serious about his English classes at EC Montreal. Actually, Alethia’s exact words were “he’s the son I never had!”  What a wonderful thing to say about someone that came as a total stranger to your home only 2 months ago!!! We are sure Yuki will always remember his homestay experience in Montreal as well as his English learning adventure at EC!

Our EC Montreal homestays make us proud

It takes a lot of qualities to be a good homestay host for our EC Montreal students. When we are recruiting from hosts we are looking for all those qualities that make a welcoming and attentive host: interest in other cultures, caring, passionate about the programme, etc. Most of or homestay hosts would go the extra mile to make sure they offer the students they are hosting a memorable experience, a true hands on experience in the Canadian culture. An example of such a dedication to the programme is what Joanne does for her students: besides the fact that she takes them all around the city of Montreal- from touristic attractions to restaurants and well hidden Montreal treasures, she also likes to put together on a CD/DVD all the pictures she takes with her students. She brought us one in the office and we were very impressed by this gesture! And the pictures are absolutely beautiful, and they make the perfect gift to offer to a student that is returning home after a language course at EC Montreal: it is small and light but it carries months’ worth of cherished memories! Thank you very much Joanna for doing this and a big thank you to all our homestay hosts for taking such good care of our students!

Testimonial from an EC Montreal Homestay Family Student

Catalina Rivera Mejia arrived at EC Monreal on October 6, 2012 and will be staying at EC Montreal learning French until June 2013.  Catalina returned back home during the Christmas holidays for her brothers wedding.  One request that she had was” please make sure that I return to the same homestay family.  This is what Catalina has to say. 1) What made you decide to choose a host family? I chose to go to homestay because you get the opportunity to have the experience with people that are willing to open their doors of their home to make you part of it. You get to know more about the culture and experience different things. 2) What is your favorite aspect of being in a homestay? For me being in a homestay lets you feel you have a family that will give you a “good morning” or a “ how was your day” and will always be there for you since you show respect towards their rules and to them and that you also want to make part of their lives. 3) What was your first impression of your homestay? The first time I met my homestay was that you could really feel there was lots of love and that as I mentioned before I felt that not only was I going to find a homestay I was going to find a home. 4) What are your comments about EC Montreal? EC Montreal has let me get to know so many people from all around the world, I really enjoy going there because you get to enjoy learning and it’s a very nice place. FAVORITE MEMORY WITH your homestay-(so far) I actually have no words to describe my homestay.  I don’t even call it homestay I call this place “MY HOME”. Each … Read more

Student testimonial: Iris Bauer from Germany

    Even if I spent only two weeks at the EC in Montreal, I liked it very much here. The school gave me the opportunity to learn and improve both English and French, which I liked a lot. My homestay family was French speaking and we spent wonderful hours talking and eating excellent French dinners. So I could improve my language skills on one hand and learn quite interesting things about Montreal, the Quebec region, and Canada on the other hand. I really enjoyed the time I spent here!  


There are a lot of benefits from choosing homestay.  Your homestay could be a single woman or man, couple with or without children or a single woman with children.  Choosing homestay will not only help you improve the language that you are studying but will teach you about other cultures.  Students travelling abroad to learn French or English are always fascinated about what they have learned about the Canadian way of living.  One subject that students love to talk about is food.  Students are always eager to try different foods in homestay.  The same goes for our homestay’s.  We at EC Montreal encourage our students to have an international night.  Students are encouraged to cook one of their favorite meals from back home. Meet Martina and IIara from Italy.  The girls are here for only two weeks and were thrilled about cooking an authentic Italian meal for their homestay. Buon appetito!!

EC Montreal Homestay Family Testimonial

Name: Sylvie Azzuolo How long have you been hosting students? Since 1997 How did you hear about EC Montreal? My neighbor and friend informed me about being a homestay. What made you decide to start hosting students? I wanted to travel without leaving the house.  Plus I felt it was a great way for my children to be introduced to different cultures. What is your favorite aspect of being a homestay host? I am a very social being therefore learning and discovering new and interesting people is a bonus. Would you recommend others to start hosting, why? I believe that you get out of it what you put into it.   I like to treat people the way I like to be treated!  So if you are open to learning definitely discover the world of homestay. What are your comments about EC Montreal? I always have their support.  The staff is always professional and dedicated.  They want their students coming from abroad to study English or French to have a good experience, however, they are also very well aware that one of their strengths is their homestay’s and they very much appreciate it.  SYLVIE’S FAVORITE MOMENTS I can honestly say that there are too many to remember however, the ones that I hold dear in my heart are the departures.  The tear of gratitude for having spent a great stay at someone’s house and not wanting to leave because they love it. Also playing social games, Frustration/Skipbo/Uno, are all great ways to break the ice and students want to play again and again!  And finally I think, all in all, student faces of amazement when they notice all the multitude of ethnicities that live together and get along! Sylvie has been an excellent role model for many of our homestay’s and for this reason we invite … Read more