Come Watch a Movie Together – Cinema Afternoons!

On Friday afternoons EC Montreal students are invited to watch an English or French movie together! Selected movies will help you to improve your language skills in a very entertaining way! You will be able to improve your listening skills through the use of authentic material and afterwards partici … Read more

Les Intouchables – A Fantastic French Movie

On Tuesday August 20, watching the French movie « Les Intouchables » was scheduled on EC Montreal’s activity calendar. Each month EC Montreal students enjoy the possibility of participating in a huge variety of different free activities in the afternoon. Besides watching French and English movies, s … Read more

Quebec Film, Starbuck, to be remade by Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks studios

Starbuck, a made in Quebec film that found success on last year’s festival circuit, has been picked up for an American remake by Steven Spielberg’s DreamWork Studios.  According to reports, producer Andre Rouleau said Spielberg was enthralled by the movie after seeing it last month. Production on th … Read more