Old Montreal Restaurant Week: Eat out every night!

Montreal is known as food lovers’ paradise. There are more than 6,000 restaurants on the Island of Montreal alone and you can find any type of cuisine. In fact, one of the most common questions we get from people who study English or French courses at EC Montreal is which restaurant is the best in town although it is very difficult to answer this question since there are simply too many amazing restaurants. The 6th edition of Old Montreal’s Happening Gourmand kicks off today, January 10th, to give everyone a chance to try some of the most highly rated restaurants at lower cost. It’s an event that is styled in the tradition of New York’s Restaurant week, the event will last for a longer period of time; 3 whole weeks until February 3. Eight restaurants (Taverne Gaspar, Vieux Port Steakhouse, Modavie, Suite 701, Verses Restaurant, Mechant Boeuf, Aix Cuisine du Terroir, Bevo Bar and Pizzeria) will have a fixed price menu for dinner and some of them for lunch, as well. Prices vary from $15 for lunch to $23 or $27 for dinner. This is the perfect opportunity for all food lovers, so if you are one of them, make sure you don’t miss this great opportunity! For more information, you can visit http://www.happeninggourmand.com/   (photos are courtesy of Tourisme Montreal)

Montreal’s Underground City!

Beneath the city streets, Visitors to Montreal can explore the underground city; an enormous underground structure integrated into the city’s major commercial districts. It is known for being the largest underground complex in the world, containing and linking to over 200 restaurants, 1700 boutiques, 30 movie theatres, halls, museums, and hotels, all connected to 10 of the city’s subway stations. This unique feature has made people often refer to Montreal as “two cities in one” and can allow visitors to explore the city without having to worry about bad weather or lengthy travel time between the city’s shopping districts.      

Terrace Culture in Montreal

Montreal has a huge terrace culture.  Perhaps it’s because we are cooped up indoors during our winter months, as soon as the temperature goes above zero, restaurant and bar owners start setting up their patio and terraces.  Montrealers love dining and drinking alfresco.  There is nothing we love better than to put on our shades, sit under a blue sky and people watch.  I have heard that people are willing to wait up to an hour for a table outdoors that be seated inside the restaurant on glorious sunny days. Restaurant guides and nightlife magazines all promote who has the biggest and best terrace.  This truly influences Montrealer’s decision on where to go. Destination Montreal magazine recently published an extensive list of terraces in Montreal.  Check it out!  It will truly amaze you. There is something magical about the summer scene in Montreal.  With all the terraces around the city, it appears that the entire city is having one big party and the whole world is invited! As I am writing this, it is almost 5 p.m. – perfect time to enjoy happy hour on a terrace in downtown Montreal.  One of my favorite terraces in the city is at Pica Pica, a tapas bar in the gay village of Montreal.  The terrace actually has a hammock to enjoy.  What better way to end the work day!!