A New Look a the World of Economics!

On Tuesday, August 13, EC Montreal students had the chance to participate in a lecture that gave new approaches to the world’s economic system. In a time where capitalism and consumerism don’t seem to work out anymore, it is crucial to think about new ways of how people’s life can be managed in a sustainable way.  If you plan to study at EC Montreal, participating in a big variety of free activities will be an efficient component to improving your language skills as well as your knowledge about up-to-date topics! A former EC Montreal student, Maria Cecilia Rodrigues Campos, now a graduate of McGill University school of business, held this lecture and gave an interesting viewpoint as to why the existing economic system would not be coherent anymore with a world that functions in more and more complex ways. All in all, an interesting information session followed by a short conference and discussion which allowed the students to improve their listening and speaking skills.

Montréal et le jazz – Montreal and the jazz

On Tuesday, June 11, EC students and staff participated in the famous French afternoon lecture with Rene Roy. As to the soon starting of the Montreal Jazz Festival on June 28, this lecture was all about informing the students about one of the most popular cultural events that take place during summer in Montreal. Besides listening to the history of how the Montréal Jazz Festival became world’s biggest Jazz invent, this year’s most important facts were presented: between June 28 and July 7 open air and indoor concerts, paid or free ones, take place starting at 7:30 in the morning and finishing at 1 o’clock at night! The diversity of the artists is long as every half an hour a new concerts starts in a different location in Montreal. For this year, Anna McGariggle, Bonnie Raitt, Boogat, Buddy Guy or Cordâme and many more will play for the many visitors of the festival!   For the follow up exercise, a work-sheet was prepared. Besides learning about the local culture and practising the listening skills, the students had also the possibility to profound their ability of taking notes!  

Au revoir

Lisiane, one of our Brazilian students, ended her French course with us today. She parted with her classmates and teacher Essadia, from the French elementary class. Lisiane spent a short time at  EC Montreal, much shorter that she wanted to. She had made a lot of friends  fast and took part in almost all the school activities.    Lisiane, like most of our students, was happy with her progress in French and with the fact that she could go out in the street and practice waht she  had learned in class.    She assured us that she spent an amazing time in our school! Bye Lisiane, we will miss you!

The Yellow door- an academic lecture at EC Montreal

  The Yellow Door has been an integral part of Montreal’s community for over 100 years. Also known as the YMCA of McGill the organization is centered on social justice, freedom of expression, spirituality and personal growth. As part of EC Montreal’s lecture series, a representative of the Yellow Door will be presenting a fascinating lecture in which she will introduce the organization to the EC Montreal students. So , students here’s an excellent  oportunity to practice listening, note-taking and writing skills all these on top of learning about the history of an imprtant community organisation! The lecture will  take place on November 20th 2012 @ 2:10 in room 3 and it will last 30 minutes,  followed by a question and answer period. Don’t miss it especially if you are at an intermediate and up English level.

“The best time of my life!” – student testimonial by Woong-Jin Jang from Korea

    Montreal is a beautiful city. I have been spending an exciting time in Montreal. I was impressed by a beautiful and multicultural city. I have studied English at EC Montreal. I am absolutely satisfied with this school. The teachers are very passionate and well prepared the class. I improved my English remarkably. I got a lot of kind and humorous friends who came from different countries. We have shared our cultures and languages. Moreover, the school has advanced facilities including electronic smart boards and wifi. I got lots of unforgettable memories. I am definitely sure that I would like to come back here someday.


  Roland Wehner from Germany chose EC Montreal as his destination to Study English Abroad. He arrived late August to begin his three week journey.  Roland’s knowledge of the English language was minimal so he was placed in a beginner’s class.  We are so proud to see the progress that Roland made in such a short time. Roland, it was a pleasure having you in our school and we would like to wish you the Best of Luck.  We hope to see you again in the near future.   Below is a personal message from Roland sent to EC Montreal after his departure.                Hi, dear Teachers, dear Students, dear EC office, dear activy guides,  I had good fly and I’m back in Germany. I had a beautiful time in this school and free time including weekend trips. Already now that I miss the time from this three weeks. It was very beautiful that every said goodbye to me with a heartness. I don’t sit in hotel california, On a dark desert highway cool wind in my hair.                                      Thank you so much for all!                                            Ex-Student Roland  

Students coming back to visit their homestay families

Marielle Vaillancourt has been hosting for us since 2001.  She has a married son that lives not too far fromMontreal.  Marielle always visits her son and his family during the holidays and loves to bring students with her.  Over the years Marielle has brought a lot of students to different places.  Marielle always says that you know you have done a good job hosting when you receive regular phone calls from your past students inviting you to visit them back home.  You also know that you have done a good job when students return to visitCanadaand the first person they call is you.  This is the case for Diego fromBrazil.  Diego was here in 2004 studying French for 4 weeks.  Diego has kept in touch with Marielle.  Diego returned toCanadalast year to visit.  The first person he called was Marielle.  Marielle was so happy to see him and to hear about all his accomplishments.  When Diego came to visit, Marielle brought him to a very nice Chalet in Sainte Margarite.  Sainte-Margarite is a village and municipality in the Laurentides region ofQuebec,Canada.  It is less than one hour away.  It’s a very beautiful village and has a lot of fun filled family activities.   Here’s a picture of Diego by the lake and Marielle in front of the chalet.