Student Testimonial: Paloma Esmeralda Caloca Villareal

I think it was a great experience at EC Montreal! All the services and the people were very kind 🙂 I improved my language skills with other students and teachers. The homestay accommodation was excellent and my host mother, Mrs. Louis, is a beautiful person! I loved that I had the opportunity to meet her.

Meet Our New EC Montreal Student Ambassador: Tatiana Rosas

  Hello! My name is Tatiana Rosas from Colombia. I have been studying in the Bilingual programme (English and French) at EC Montreal for almost three months and still have three more months. I am friendly, always happy and always smiling. I wanted to be a student ambassador because have a lot of energy so I’m active most of the time and also to practice my English and French. I will be happy to help you with whatever you need and want 🙂  

Student Testimonial by Hayoung Hwang From Korea

I chose EC Montreal because of the Academic Year Program. Since I decided to study English late (after the age of 30), it was very important for me to have the One-to-One tutoring system with AY program. Of course, we receive feedback from our teacher for the morning classes on a regular basis and we also meet one-to-one every 4 weeks. However, I get even more feedback and more details about my progress from my AY tutor. My tutor identifies my weaknesses and assign extra work to work on them. This truly speeds up my learning progress and helps me improve so much faster. I also get information about useful websites and other resources that I can use on my own. Teaching staff at EC Montreal is amazing. Maria Elena is my AY tutor and she is always energetic and passionate. My morning class teacher, Daniela, understands her students’ needs and pays full attention to each of them. She suggested that I write daily journal to improve my writing skills and has been correcting my writing every day. In addition, EC Montreal offers various activities to motivate students and give them a chance to interact with each other. All EC Montreal staff regularly communicate with students to help them improve their English. I am very satisfied with EC Montreal and enjoying my stay here.  

Meet our New Student Ambassador, Ana Cristina Jung!

My name is Ana Cristina Jung. I’ve been studying at EC Montreal since September 8. I’m from South of Brazil so the weather in Montreal is not affecting me.   I’m a really friendly and an open minded person. I’m interested in knowing people and cultures of different countries and I always try to learn something new. I also love helping people because it makes me feel really happy to see their smile! That’s why I want to become a psychiatrist to understand people’s minds and help. My hobby is to take photos of people or places. I like it because when you capture shots, you make them eternal and they become art! I also love fashion as I studied fashion design in Brazil.

“EC Montreal was the best choice!” – Student testimonial by Sophia Huang from Taiwan

    I had a wonderful time in EC Montreal. First, the advisers or assistants are so patient to solve my problem and make me feel free to go to the office and ask any questions I had. Second, the activities in school are terrific such as for charity, movie day and travels. Especially, I had a great trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls with EM voyage. They arranged the accommodation and the itinerary that are so nice. It was an unforgettable trip I have had in Montreal. The last but not the least, the teachers in EC Montreal are amazing. They encourage me a lot and they always teach in a positive way. Nowadays, I enjoy learning English and I am not afraid to make a mistake. I meet a lot of nice people from all over the world and make close friends with others. One thing I want to say is that “Thank you EC Montreal and I love you <3 It was my best choice!”