Mix Arts Festival on the Main!

It is one of the most anticipated festivals in Montreal!!  As summer is ending, Montrealers look forward to this sidewalk sale festival that combines street food, great sales, music and games!  The shopping is unbelievable!!  You can buy summer designer labels for under $20!  The Main is known for its diversity in ethnic cusines and markets!  Imagine the amazing aromas coming from the street vendors.  BBQs with Spanish chorizo or Chicken with the famous Portuguese Piri sauce, just to name a few… The Main is a very bohemian part of town and many appreciate that laid back, funky attitude! After savoring street foods from Spain, Portugal and Romania, we settled at a table and enjoyed a pitcher of locally brewed beer!  It was a lovely way to spend a Friday evening in Montreal! Montreal – we love you!!

Mixed Arts Festival on The Main!

St-Laurent Boulevard, also known as the Main will become a pedestrian walkway from August 23 until the 26th for its annual sidewalk sale called, Mixed Arts from Sherbrooke Street until Mount-Royal Avenue.  The many restaurants and bars have prepared their patios for this very exciting summer festival.  There will be tons of shows with DJ’s at the corner of the Main and Prince-Arthur.  It is an event not to be missed this weekend!!!

Montreal’s GoGo Lounge

There is a really trendy martini bar on the Main a.k.a. St. Laurent Blvd, called the GoGo Lounge!  It is hip, it is trendy, it is COOL!  Their menu is actually a vinyl record.  They have hundreds of martinis to choose from.  A visit to Montreal would not be complete without visiting the GoGo Lounge.  Check it out tonight!  They are featuring the Mojito martini on Saturday nights!