The TOEFL Experience



After taking the TOEFL,  two students sent EC their comments about their experience in an exam preparation course.  Though the TOEFL is a challenging test, studying for it can be rewarding and even fun.  Here are the reflections of Jiyoung and Ophelie.


“The writing part of the TOEFL class helped me because during the TOEFL test I really felt confident. I was at ease when I wrote.

I would advise my classmates to stay calm and to always look at the timer. I was looking at the timer without knowing if I had time to answer everything. That was hard to manage. However, it’s not only negative things. I had good moments when I was sure about what I was answering.

That was an incredible experience for me. That was my first time studying abroad and I feel like I have learnt so much; it’s impressive! No matter what the result will be I know that I improved a lot!!!!”



“I think the listening, speaking and writing class parts of the TOEFL class are so helpful on the exam. Because the classes are not that different from the real test, I was quite comfortable taking those parts of the test.

I would advise my classmates to practice everything by computer as much as they can. Also, I would study more vocabulary.

It sounds strange, but I’m still missing the TOEFL classes.”



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