Astrid’s Journal Entry

Astrid, a TOEFL course student, wrote a journal entry in response to a listening from her TOEFL class.  The listening was about a woman whose opinion of her father changed over the years.  Astrid wrote about her own relationship with her mother.  She was kind enough to share her response with us and to include a beautiful picture.  Enjoy!

Astrid and her mother
Astrid and her mother

My mother: Craziness vs. Wisdom

When I was a kid I didn’t like school, homework, vegetables and private lessons. I still don’t like those things. If there is a kid that likes them, he/she will be the perfect child, for sure. My parents are a strange couple. My Dad is positive, funny, calm, wise and even gullible. On the other hand my Mom is serious, intelligent, right and sometimes kind of explosive (especially when she is in a bad mood). However, opposites attract and I love them a lot.

Returning to the main point, I remember that my mother put me in piano classes when I was little. Maybe I was six or so. I didn’t like the piano classes. I mean, to spend three to four hours a week in front of a piano? No thanks. Anyway I had to go. It was impossible to say no to my mother. Another class I had when I was a kid was swimming classes. At least it wasn’t so bad. The classes were good though, but still I didn’t like them because I would have preferred being at home watching cartoon network or Nickelodeon. Now, I understand my mother (at least a little bit). The piano was a tool to make me relax and besides it helped me to have a musical ear. I can distinguish some instruments. The swimming classes were just to learn how to swim. It could be kind of embarrassing to be a person who is from a port that can’t swim, right?

It is normal that kids go to bed early. However, my mother always sent me to bed at nine o’clock. That was good, though. I had classes the next day so I had to go to bed early. But, at that age I really didn’t like it. Now I understand that my mother really pissed me off when I was little but she was doing it for my sake and I really appreciate it.



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