Meet Tracy Young!

This week we’re absolutely thrilled to introduce Tracy Young. -What is your full name? Tracy Mayflower Young -Where were you born, and what is the area known for? Scarsdale, NY, known for the Scarsdale Diet -Why do you live in New York today? It has the best of everything! -If you could have a … Read more

Meet Your Teacher!

-What is your full name? Alena Acker. My middle name is a secret -Where were you born, and what is the area known for? Detroit. It’s known for cars, music and danger. -Why do you live in New York today? I’m pursuing an acting career. -If you could have any super power, what would it be and what is t … Read more


Games are a critical part of learning. When the mind is presented with challenging new tasks it forces you to address problems in a new way. Work on learning to recognize word roots and common prefixes and suffixes. This will improve your intuition while reading and make it easier for you to grasp m … Read more

Improvement Takes Practice… and Patience

Everyone wants to improve. That’s why you came here. Learning, improving, or even perfecting your English language skills is exactly the reason that brought so many of you so far away from home. And, of course, you will. But improvement is a tricky thing. It isn’t linear and sometimes the results of … Read more

Listening “Truth”

See if you can fill in the blanks to the lyrics from this totally amazing song by Alexander. Fair warning, this one ain’t easy. But what a voice… Truth The truth is that I never shook my XXXXXX Every day it’s trying to XXXXX XX into doing battle Calling out “faker” only … Read more


May 18th: EC will have an all-day “Free Rice Marathon” as well as a FreeCycle at night. The Marathon will behin in the morning an will be ongoing throughout the day and evening. All students are encouraged to participate! The FreeCycle will begin at 5:45 pm. This is a great opportunity f … Read more