Meet Your Teach!

Tatiana Arrango is our beloved jack-of-all-trades. She teaches high-intermediate, low-intermediate, TOEFL and Digital Storytelling. She is also our resident “Pronunciation Doctor” offering customized pronunciation tips for students on an appointment basis. Outside of school you might fin … Read more

A great piece of student work, by Yu Wen Chung

New York Stories – June 2012 a short story by Yu Wen Chung It is a very short story, even we couldn’t say this is a story. It happened during a long trip when Felix had just quit his job, and went to New York to learn English, by himself. The day, May 19 was his birthday, and he was sitting in the s … Read more

Readying yourself for American University

It isn’t long before many students who come to the United States with the intention of earning a prestigious American degree soon encounter the many obstacles standing in their way. First, there is the paperwork. There are piles and piles of applications to fill out, statements of purpose to w … Read more

New Elective Schedule!

Don’t forget that today we launch our brand new elective courses, including Media Studies and World of Words! Stop by the Academics Office to talk to Bindu about which course is right for you

Katie Cahill

Katie Cahill is the Student Services & Homestay Coordinator here at EC New York. Her bright smile is the first thing to be seen upon entering the school. Don’t know her? You should. Stop by and say “Hello!” Chances are she has candy. If you ask nicely, she might even share it.

Helen Cahill!

Helen Cahill is a teacher and AY Coordinator at EC New York. She plans and administrates our exceptional AY Lecture Series. She is also mother to our beloved Katie Cahill and baker of some truly outrageous cupcakes. How many of you have had Helen as your teacher?

Meet Your Teach!

Jason Tanner is a man of many talents. In addition to teaching English at EC New York, he is also an artist and musician whose work can be seen in venues throughout New York City. He teaches Upper Intermediate and Beginner levels, and an afternoon Academic Skills class.

Center Director: Colleen Leeman

Ok, so Colleen can’t technically be called a “teacher”. In fact, if some day you find that she’s teaching your class, something has probably gone quite wrong. Nonetheless, center director Colleen Leeman is an important person here at EC New York. As elusive as pandas in the w … Read more

Goodbye to Jim

EC New York says a very sad goodbye to Academic Director, Jim De Koning, who is leaving us to pursue a second Master’s degree. Be sure to stop by the office to tell him goodbye today!