Readying yourself for American University

It isn’t long before many students who come to the United States with the intention of earning a prestigious American degree soon encounter the many obstacles standing in their way. First, there is the paperwork. There are piles and piles of applications to fill out, statements of purpose to write, envelopes to address and application fees to pay. Then there is the bureaucracy, virtual armies of disinterested individuals, standing between them and acceptance to an institution. Should the student be so lucky as to gain acceptance, they often face the complex negotiations of transferring credits from universities overseas. And in all of this, students are often equipped only with their optimism and a thin command of the English language. It’s no wonder that so many of them fail.
EC’s University Foundation Program (UFP) is a 3 month bridge program, designed to assist students with the many challenges faced during this process, and also to prepare students for the academic and social rigors of life in an American University. Our teachers and staff are here to help you every step of the way so that you can achieve the best possible result in all your endeavors.