Goodbye Eunice!

Today is Eunice Jo’s last day. Be sure to say goodbye and wish her luck. We will all miss her here at ECNY, but maybe some of you Korean students will be able to catch up with her at home!

Instruments in the ESL Classroom

Can you say key-tar? Thankfully, you’ll probably never have to. Here are a list of instruments and the verbs you use with them. –Strum a guitar –Pluck a Banjo –Bang a drum –Blow a horn –Tickle the ivory (play the piano) –Toot the flute But the question stand … Read more

Tatiana turns 1!

“Today is my 1 year EC-versary! I am happy and grateful I get to wake up everyday to a job I love. I thank God, the school for giving me the opportunity, and most importantly, my students! who make my work incredibly rewarding and fun ☺ A special shout out to two people I remember having in Lo … Read more

The Square That’s Anything but Square

Between 14th and 17th Streets lies Union Square, a beautiful park surrounded by shops, restaurants, entertainment and historic buildings. Since my first visit to New York City, Union Square has been my favorite area in the city – well, one of them because I think it’s impossible to choose only one f … Read more

Here Comes The Crowd!

The temperature isn’t all that’s soaring as we race into the hot, late months of summer. July and August usher in peek enrollments periods at English schools across the country. This is an exciting and novel experience for many students, whose busy school schedules typically allow only a few weeks t … Read more

New Teachers!

It hasn’t just been new students gracing our hallways and classrooms. EC New York has also taken on a few new teachers! Say hello to Seth Helfgott, Katie Wheeler, Corinna Wilson and Samantha Chin!

Not JUST studying in NYC!

There is so much to do in NYC: theaters, parks, shopping, restaurants. But if It all seems a little overwhelming, trying getting outside of it for a minute. The Brooklyn ferry pier at the end of Java st. (Greenpoint station of the G train) offers tremendous views of the city without all the noise of … Read more

Book Drive!

Have some old books that you’ve finished reading? EC New York is putting together a collection of our favorite books, journals and publications, to be available for all students! The class that donates the most books by the end of the month wins a pizza party.

Meet Your Teach!

Gabriel Sorell is a teacher and a writer living in New York. He loves to climb and ride his bike, and he is eager to share his passions with anyone who is interested (and many who aren’t). He lives his life by one simple credo: what would Batman do? He teaches Elementary and Intermediate, and … Read more

Yes, you are here to learn, to study, and to return to your respective countries boasting perfect pronunciation and conversation skills. You spend long hours hunched over English text books, taking notes in class, or studying in the library. But there is a lot about a language that you just plainly … Read more