Cambridge Exam – EC Test Prep

By Sarah Weekley

As summer winds down, some of our EC New York teachers are gearing up for completely new groups of goal-oriented students. September marks the start of our fall session of Cambridge exams preparation. Students from Switzerland, South Korea, the Netherlands, and many other countries will gather at our New York school with a common objective. Upon their arrival here, these students will plunge into an intense 3-month course which will prepare them for Cambridge English: First, Advanced, or Proficiency.

So, what exactly is in store for you, as a Cambridge exam prep student? On your first day here, you will take a placement test to determine which exam level is best suited for your abilities. Classes are taught by teams of experienced teachers, who each focus on specific “papers” (sections) of the exam. You’ve probably heard the saying “practice makes perfect”, so the course includes many practice test papers, as well as two full-length mock tests. The course is not only testing, however. Your teachers will work with you to build the skills necessary to do well on the exam. Homework is also essential; you can expect to have more of it than the average English student.

Although it’s not mandatory, most students choose to culminate the course by taking the exam here in New York. Students who receive a passing score on these University of Cambridge ESOL examinations are awarded a certificate which is recognized in many institutions around the world as proof of an upper-intermediate, advanced, or proficient level of English.

Without a doubt, preparing for these exams is demanding. However, if you’re ready to put in the effort, the reward can be great. Our last session finished in June with ten hardworking students opting to take the exams they’d been preparing, and all ten received passing scores.

Congratulations to Jessica, Yolane, Felicia, Gilliane, Giselle, Layla, Nina, Adrian, Lisette, and Zana!