Please Do Not Feed The Teachers!

Ever wonder what all your teachers are doing during lunchtime on Thursday afternoons? Maybe you’ve noticed them sitting attentively in Central Park (the classroom), eating their lunches, taking notes and delivering speeches.
Well here’s the truth. Are you ready for it? We’re super-heroes. I know: shocking, right? We spend our evenings fighting against the evils of poor grammar on the streets of New York, dressed in orange spandex and armed with a red marker.

Ok, so maybe I’m joking (though can’t you imagine it?) The truth is that we take your education very seriously. Thursday afternoons are our time to get together, talk shop and share ideas so that we can continue to offer you the best English classes and immersive experience possible.
So, please, next time, try to remember. They are not animals in a zoo. Do not make funny faces through the windows, and PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE TEACHERS;)