Don’t Forget to Study – 3 tips for managing self study

So you’re a student at a language school in New York City and, yes, you come to class every day and you try to only speak English. You live with a homestay or in a residence, and so you’re speaking English outside of class also. You communicate easily with taxi drivers and bartenders and shop owners, and sometimes you even understand the announcements made on the subway. And so maybe this seems a bit rudimentary, but do you remember to study?

To say that study is an indispensible part of mastering anything may seem too obvious for mention. And yet, here I am, writing a blog about it. The truth is, with all the excitement of living and going to school in New York, good-old-fashioned studying is often pushed by the wayside.

Here are 3 simple tips for building some much-needed study time into your busy schedule.

Establish a Routine

As with most unpleasant things, it helps to have established a routine and to stick to it. That way, you don’t have to muster new courage every time. Twice or three times a week should do. But however often you decide to schedule study sessions, make sure that it’s a commitment you can keep. Feeling guilty about missing multiple study sessions doesn’t help you pass any tests.

Find a Study Buddy

Finding a like-minded partner of a slightly higher level than you can be very beneficial. For one thing, it will keep you on schedule and make it less likely that you cancel your appointments. For another, they will be there to help you understand difficult subjects or grammar points. Besides, when things get really boring, it’s so much more fun to play table-top foot ball with a partner.

Focus—But Not For Too Long

The mind is only capable of very intense focus for a certain period of time. Know your limit, and challenge yourself to stick to it. Then reward yourself with a break and a distraction. This technique will make your studying more effective and less painful.