EC New York Exam Preparation: Selecting the best test

by Sarah Weekley   So, you are an English language student who is considering an exam preparation course.  Perhaps you need an exam as a requirement for work, school, or immigration purposes, or you may simply want a measure of your language skills to boost your resume.  How do you wade through … Read more

Finally Opening!

Hi All! EC New York will be OPEN on Thursday, November 1.  EC New York is located at 1450 Broadway, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10018.  The phone number at the school is 212.490.0865 and the EMERGENCY line is 347.567.3543. If you are staying at The New Yorker residence and/or 92Y residence, since we ha … Read more

Hurricane Sandy Update

UPDATE! Due to the mass closures of NYC public transit, EC New York will REMAIN CLOSED for Wednesday, October 31st.  Stay safe, stay indoors, and have a happy Halloween!

Hurricane Sandy Update

Mayor Bloomberg has just announced that the MTA public tranportation system will stay shut down tomorrow and that all public schools will remain closed as well. We are already seeing Hurricane Sandy’s impact and it’s getting progressively worse – projected to hit with the most inte … Read more

Hurricane Sandy

Due to Hurricane Sandy and the closing of the MTA, EC New York WILL BE CLOSED TOMORROW, Oct. 29. We want to see how you spend your day! Here is our emergency phone number. If you have any problems, contact us at (347)567-3543. In the meantime, here are some hurricane safety tips. Stay safe! http://w … Read more

EC New York Photo Tour

There’s so much to do and to see in New York that even residents of 30 years haven’t seen it all.  That’s why we offer students at our schools tours into the less explored parts of the city. Yesterday we took a small group of students on a photo tour to the Greenpoint Pier: an area … Read more

There’s More to Halloween than Boo!

Each month EC New York features a specialized presentation as part of the AY lecture series.  This month’s presentation by Sarah Weekley was on the history of Halloween, which dates back to Ireland, more than 2,000 years ago. Points discussed ranged from the etymology of the word (Hallow’s Evening = … Read more

Teacher Teambuilding at EC New York

The slip of paper reads “Gabe, I really need your help.  Meet me at Central Park at 6pm. Keep this note between you and me. Act fast because someone you know and love is in danger.” The note is from Bindu, the academic director here at EC New York.  It’s 5:45 on a Thursday evening, and I’ve just fin … Read more

Learning English, Making Friends

Alena Acker A lot of students know that one of the best ways to learn English is to talk to native speakers. However, most of us don’t feel comfortable asking an American stranger on the street to speak with us. It can be challenging to make friends with people in a foreign country, especially if yo … Read more