Fire Drill

If you were here for the fire drill on the afternoon of Wednesday the 30th then you probably partook in the practice evacuation of the 14th floor at EC New York. In case you were confused, here’s what you need to know. You will be alerted to threat of a real fire by loud sirens, located throug … Read more

What to Do in NYC this Winter

Winter in New York can be tough; the winter weather could prove to be more of a shock to your system than culture shock, especially if you come from a country with a warmer climate.  However, there is no shortage of things to do in the chilly Big Apple.  Here are some activities that may help to war … Read more


Smile, you might be on Japanese television! Did you know that for the next few weeks, EC New York will be the home to a real life reality TV series called,”Girl on the World”. The show is about a young Japanese woman as she travels and studies abroad. Really though, you shouldn’t w … Read more

Come Stay with Us!

New York is a huge city, and no one knows that better than foreign exchange students who come here to study.  It’s easy to get lost in a city this big.  That’s why we work closely with reputable homestays and host families all around New York city  to ensure that our students are placed … Read more

Learn About Our AY Program!

New York – Academic Year Programme Our Academic Year Programme is for students who study at EC for 24 weeks or more. Taking the time to seriously focus on your English will open up unlimited opportunities for you. Your English level will greatlyimprove, broadening your horizons and giving you … Read more

Digital Storytelling

Do you have a passion for telling stories? Are you motivated and creative? At EC New York, we offer a very special Digital Storytelling elective class, available to AY students and other motivated individuals. Students in this class will write and produce their own personal statements as mixed media … Read more

January Calendar of Activities

Hey guys, we’ve got fun things going on all the time here.  This is our activity calendar for January 2013.  Start the new year right with some fun, social activities!

Don’t Forget to Read

Being in New York is so exciting.  There are so many things to do and so many people to talk to.  If you’re a determined and outgoing student, you can easily talk to a dozen native English speakers a day, and improve your abilities by great margins. But it’s important not to neglect some … Read more

Where to live in NYC

Where you’re going to live when you move to New York City is always a major consideration. Did you know that New York City is actually made up of 5 boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx? Manhattan is the most famous, and it’s what most people think of when th … Read more