New Class Schedules Start Monday!

Hey guys, don’t forget that the new class schedules begin on Monday! All of your classes will stay the same length, but everything will be  moved 15 minutes EARLIER!   MORNING CLASS       8:30-11:45 ELECTIVE                     12:30 – 2 AFTERNOON CLASS 2:15 – 5:30 So bring yo … Read more

What you need to know about Level Tests

Tests are a stress-inducing element in the lives of most students. But they are often necessary to assess abilities and to make tough decisions.  At EC we use assessment tests to place students in classes that are appropriate for their level and level descriptor tests that target the specific knowle … Read more

Student Activities at EC New York

Activities for each month are carefully planned and guided to showcase all of the amazing cultural and touristic sites of New York City. These EC New York student activities are especially suited for individuals who can only stay for a short time, and would like to meet people and make friends, whil … Read more

What Is Presidents’ Day?

You may or may not know that Monday the 18th is a nationally observed holiday in the United States. While Presidents’ day  may often be overshadowed by the kitschy popularity of Valentine’s day, it’s without question the more significant of the two. Presidents’ day is an amal … Read more

Valentine’s Day in NYC

February 14th is just around the corner and you’ve probably noticed all the hearts going up at local shops and restaurants. In the United States, Valentine’s day is a special day of the year when couples express their love and gratitude for each other through gifts, candies and romantic … Read more

EC New York Homestays and Host Families!

New York City is a thriving, culturally diverse, metropolis located on the east coast of the United States. Its exciting and industrious atmosphere make it an ideal place for students from around the world to come study. Our families strive to provide an atmosphere that is immersive and culturally a … Read more

Dear Students, Come Back Soon!

We got this message from a previous student who rocked her CAE exam and was kind enough to let us share it.  We give you two thumbs, WAY UP! Thank so much Frazisca, and we hope to be meeting you for coffee in Bryant Park again very soon! Hi Guys, I’m wondering if Chad Frye is still working at … Read more

Study English in New York City

Are you considering a trip abroad? Perhaps to study English? Anwar Numa, an EC New York student, uses digital story telling to outline his life goals and aspirations, and to explain how studying English at EC New York was helping him to get there. Architecture? Why not? To become an architect. This … Read more