Not For Tourists: The REAL Top 5 Places To Visit In New York

By Tiffany Chen As a native New Yorker, I will confess that I haven’t visited many of New York’s famous attractions. Empire State Building? Nope. Statue of Liberty? Nope. Radio City Musical Hall? Nope. Top of the Rock? Nope, and probably never. In fact, I avoid long lines and large crowds at all cos … Read more

Where’s the best place to get coffee around ECNY?

A Coffee Hater’s Favorite Coffee Shop Bindu Varghese   I admit it, I hate coffee. However, I love coffee shops. I know it sounds weird, but if you’re not biased by the taste of coffee, you can appreciate all the things great coffee shops have to offer.  When I look for quality coffee shops, I l … Read more

Download These Apps Now to Improve Your English

By Jamey Sadownick We are often glued to our smartphones these days. Instead of playing Angry Birds or buying everything you can on Groupon, why not use your smartphone or tablet to help you learn English? Here is a list of the top 5 Apps for English Language Learning: 1. Wordbook English Dictionary … Read more

Secrets to the Use of English (Grammar) Level Test

By: Sarah Weekley The Use of English (grammar) portion of a level test can be the most mysterious– and frustrating– part for many students.  Even those with a strong understanding of grammar and vocabulary may find themselves confused by the Use of English tasks.  Often this is because s … Read more

Young Learners have amazing experiences at ECNY!

  Here at EC New York, we offer various programs and courses to students who are striving to make English their second language. To enhance our students’ experience, we have also made it our mission to promote cross-cultural education. Nowhere is that more apparent than inside our classrooms: a … Read more

So, Who Are Those People In The Teachers’ Room?

  When you choose to study at EC New York, there will be many people who will positively affect your learning experience. Undoubtedly, of these people, your instructors may singlehandedly play the greatest role in whether this experience is phenomenal or not! Let’s find out a bit more about some of … Read more

Culture Shock in New York

By Vanessa Zuidema Have you recently arrived at your host family in New York? Are you feeling a bit of culture shock? One of the biggest challenges some students face after arriving in New York is learning to adjust to life with a host family. 10 years ago, I experienced the same challenge when I mo … Read more