EC Style Guide: Sho


Name: Sho

Nationality: Japan

Profession: Student, studying graphic design

When did you begin at EC: April 7, 2013

Current Level: Low Intermediate

Why are you studying English? I want to go to Parson’s at the New School to study fashion design.

Sho’s interest in fashion began at age 12, when he would travel to England and attend fashion shows with his mom and his sister. He always has something interesting to wear. He describes his style as a “Harajuku student-style”. He likes black and silver and lots of accessories. Today’s outfit he describes as a “black devil” outfit.

I also asked Sho about his hair color. “I like purple, ” he says, “so I just change to purple. When I wash my hair, the colors change day by day and I like this. I like that it’s always different.”

His dream is to be a fashion buyer, he wants to be able to “communicate with lots of people and join fashion shows.” He thinks being a fashion buyer is easy compared to learning English! He knows it is important to learn English for his future. He says: “I want to work in New York…forever.”