Black Friday – the American holiday of extreme shopping.


What is Black Friday?
The day After Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. This is unofficially or officially the start of the holiday shopping season. Almost all stores have Door-buster Sales with early bird special to attract consumers to their stores. People stand in line hours before stores are opened to get ready to grab the bargain of the year.

Why it is called Black Friday? 

  • Closest reason of why it is known as Black Friday is given in Wikipedia – “Many retailers report some of their highest profits on Black Friday. The black portion of the name, ‘Black Friday’ relates to businesses recording their losses in red ink and gains in black.”

When is Black Friday?

  • Friday, November 29th, 2013.

Tips for Black Friday Shopping

  • Decide what you want in advance.
  • Buy only what you need. Returns can be expensive, especially electronic items.
  • Go with friends but everyone will go to a different store. Each person buys items for everyone else in the group.
  • Shop online as most Black Friday items are available online and offer free shipping. You can also get many deals online on “Cyber Monday”, just don’t shop during class time

A fun quote for this blog: “Make sure the clothes you buy on Black Friday take into account how fat you’ll get on Thanksgiving.”

By Aye Myint