Austin’s Study Tips for ECNY students

study tips

Let’s face it, students usually face an uphill battle when they are prepping for their exams. Most teachers would agree that their students’ study habits and their attitudes when it comes to studying go hand in hand with their academic success. Now, does this mean that there is some sort of link that lies between the two, and by recognizing it have we finally uncovered the secret to passing all of our tests? Alas, if it was only that easy students everywhere wouldn’t have anxiety attacks whenever a test date approaches.  Also, should that be the case, I for one would not be writing this short blog on study tips.  Teachers’ views about their students are not completely wrong since I do see validity in their claim and I can personally attest to the fact that I have seen this methodology yielding great success. However, seeing as how I have been a student at one point, I would like to add my two cents to this subject.

My whole rule of thumb (standard procedure) when it comes to studying is that before you can improve your studying habits, it is important that you recognize your current strengths and weaknesses. Once these “weak points” are identified, developing good study habits will definitely improve your academic performances and lessen the anxiety that many students often face. Listed below are helpful study tips which I have comprised over the years. Hopefully, there will be a couple here which you find useful and can add to your repertoire of studying techniques.

  • Take good notes: I, for one, have never been a good note taker. When it comes down to it I have poor organizational skills, especially in the note-taking department! Looking back now, there didn’t seem to be a flow, or any good transition from one page to the next. After taking a few workshops on this very issue, I came away with a few valuable tips. I learned that I was doing it all wrong all these years and that with a few changes, I could change my bad notes to good notes. First and foremost, make sure you date all of your entries. By keeping a chronological entry of all of your notes, it will make your life a whole lot easier when you are looking for a specific set of notes. Secondly, instead of just jotting down random sentences, take notice of what your teacher is writing down on the blackboard. Chances are that whatever they write on their smart boards is a strong indication that these lecture notes may appear on your test at some point in the future.
  • Complete your class assignments:  In a timely fashion! I admit it I am the biggest procrastinator when it comes to class assignments. Back in college, I had a bad habit of putting off my homework assignment until the last day or even a few minutes before it was due! It all came down to time management and I knew I had to manage it better.  After consulting with a few of my friends who always seemed to juggle their assignments better, I adopted some of their “healthier” habits and was able to improve submitting my assignments on time. Here is a quick tip and trust me, it’s no rocket science. It is always best to start on your schoolwork right away, whether it be a paper you need to write or report for which you have to prepare for. Waiting till the last minute will only guarantee that your assignment will appear to look exactly like the effort you put in. If you are half-hearted and noncommittal about your coursework, the results will be just as weak and feeble.

By Austin Yang