Brunch: New Yorkers’ favorite meal


Have you ever walked around NYC and seen signs for brunch? Have you ever wondered what exactly brunch is? Answer: the greatest meal of the day. The term “brunch” is a combination of breakfast and lunch, which typically a meal that combines typical breakfast dishes and hearty lunch options on a menu. The time for brunch is usually between breakfast and lunch which begins around 9AM to 1PM, but lately there have been trends of boozy brunches extending past that time.

Have you ever seen signs for boozy brunch? Or Even bottomless brunch? There are cafes and eateries all over New York City offering deals for a meal and unlimited drinks (typically sangria, bloody mary and mimosa). Brunch has evolved over the years to being a casual meal with friends after a late night of partying.. into daytime drinking. Check out Bagatelle in the West Village:

If you’re studying English for Academic Purposes in New York, it’s a great way to relax and prepare yourself for the intensive week of studying ahead!

So next time you’re in NYC, grab a friend and head out for brunch. It will be an amazing time to catch up over the past week and start off the new week.