Meet Sandra Sakuma, our July 2014 Essay Winner!

Is she really smiling? By Sandra Sakuma  The Mona Lisa is, for me, the most fascinating painting in the world.  First of all, it’s a Leonardo Da Vinci painting and I think he was a genius! Also, it’s one of the most famous and commented on paintings in history because da Vinci represented a substant … Read more

The “Urban” Dialect

by Nicholas Allanach An EC student recently asked, “How can I talk like black guys?” At first, I bristled at the sheer political incorrectness of the question; however, it was an honest request from an enthusiastic student, so I decided to not avoid this interesting and important topic. When interna … Read more

Yes, You Can!

Yes, You Can! By Touria Ghaffari You can open a can, you can Cancan or you can can it! Can is one of those words in English language with many meanings. Primarily, can is a modal verb for those learning the English language. It shows ability, possibility and permission. Since it is a modal verb, the … Read more

Meet your new activity leader, Emily!

My name is Emily, and I am a new activity leader at EC New York. I am a native New Yorker, and am absolutely in love with the city. Even though I grew up here, there is always a new area to explore or a unique new event to check out. My favorite neighborhoods are the Lower East Side, West Village, a … Read more

Confidence and Practice!

  By Nicholas Allanach One of the greatest things about studying English at EC New York is the way students are able to so easily make new friends. I’m always impressed to see (and hear) students from different locations and diverse backgrounds finding commonality among their peers while practi … Read more

Michael’s Testimonial!

Michael studied in our full immersion English course.  I live in the Bronx in the Sedwick Avenue. The Bronx isn’t dangerous or boring. The citizens are always polite and helpful. I think I have the best host mother you can have in New York City. Ester Nelson is a very nice and polite old lady. She m … Read more

What Kind of English Learner Are You?

By: Alena Acker While learning English, you may have noticed that different students can have very different experiences in the same classroom. Some people may learn certain things more quickly than others, and some students may be weak in areas where other students are strong. What you may not know … Read more

“Best Moment in my life” – Athicha’s Testimonial

Athicha studied in EC New York’s General English course. She graduates this week, and she told us about her #ecexperience:  When I had a summer break of my university, I asked for my parents to come to New York to visit my sister because my sister has been working here for three years and then … Read more

Meet Eduarda! EC New York Testimonial

Eduarda is a 20 year old civil engineering student from Brazil who is enjoying her experience living and learning English in New York. She is currently studying in our Semi-Intensive English course. Even though she has only been here for two months, she already has a strong love for the city, learni … Read more

Outdoor Movies!!

New York can be a tough place during the summer because of the heat, frequent thunderstorms, and infamous humidity. Most indoor activities are expensive, and it is often too hot and humid to spend the day outdoors. But when the sun sets and we get a little break from the intense heat, New York offer … Read more