Yes, You Can!

canYes, You Can!
By Touria Ghaffari
You can open a can, you can Cancan or you can can it!
Can is one of those words in English language with many meanings. Primarily, can is a modal verb for those learning the English language. It shows ability, possibility and permission. Since it is a modal verb, the infinitive does not come with “to” and it does not have an “s” when it is used for the 3rd person singular.
But, with a can of tuna fish you can show your ability by opening the can with a can opener. Canned food is easy to keep (as long as the expiry date is still valid) and prepare. It is an option when you have limited time to cook or not enough space in you fridge.
Now Cancan is whole world apart. It a high energy dance which has its origins in France. Cancan is performed by a chorus line of female dancers who wear long skirts with petticoats and black stockings. If you are a fan of Toulouse-Lautrec’s impressionist art, you have already spotted the dancers.
Finally, while you wait on the subway platforms look at the trash cans. You can keep the stations clean if you “can” your trash. The first edition of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Gazette highlights some MTA problems that can arise when careless customers do not throw away their trash correctly, i.e. dropping it in the trash can. Trash thrown on the ground can end up on tracks and it can help spark track fires or clog drains and lead to flooding. This can lead to delays in train services and in case of fire it can be dangerous.
So do not underestimate all the good work you can do. Yes, you have the ability so you can.

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