“Speak A Lot In English!” – Nadia’s Testimonial

Nadia is an Italian student who studied in EC New York’s General English course. After spending four weeks at the school, Nadia was able to improve her English by 8%. She had a few words about her experience and some advice for future students thinking about studying English in the US. “I would reco … Read more

Cristina’s Testimonial!

Cristina and her brother Alberto came from Spain to study English in New York for four weeks. They took part in the General English course and were able to improve their English by 32% and 38% respectively. Before graduation, the two spent some time to reflect on their experience learning English at … Read more

Speak English to win movie tickets!

We are starting a new awesome English initiative program at EC New York that will encourage all of our students to speak English outside of the classroom, all over the school.  The more you speak English in the hallways, lounge, by the vending machines, and even in the elevators- the greater chance … Read more

Ethnic Groups in NYC

Both historically and presently, New York City has been known as the Melting Pot of America because of the diverse and concentrated ethnic groups and immigrants who have made New York City their home.  Living in New York City as a foreigner presents many opportunities to encounter ethnic groups you … Read more

EC Goes to Coney Island

On Friday, August 15th, activity leader Emily took over sixty students on an excursion to Coney Island, in South Brooklyn.  It was a great evening filled with rides, hot dogs, music, and history.   We started our journey on the long subway ride from Times Square to Coney Island.           … Read more

Check out Johanna’s #ecexperience! Testimonial

Johanna Hjertberg is a Swedish student who studied in EC New York’s General English program for four weeks. She improved her English learning by 32% overall and is now leaving EC at a C1 level. This is a tremendous achievement for such a short time! Before leaving, Johanna wanted to share some of he … Read more

Elvire’s Testimonial!

Elvire Sinani is a Kosovar student who studied in EC New York’s Semi Intensive English program for ten weeks. With all her hard work and dedication, she learned new words in English and improved her English by 39%. Before returning home, Elvire shared some helpful tips for improving your English. “F … Read more

Daniel recommends EC New York – Testimonial

Daniel  is student from Spain who studied in our Academic Year Program, which is a full immersion English program for six months. During his time at EC New York, he was able to improve his English by 76% overall. Additionally, Daniel improved from the Pre Intermediate level to the High Intermediate … Read more

Friendly Atmosphere, Helpful Staff – Clement’s Testimonial

Clement Guo is a French student who studied in EC New York’s Semi Intensive English program for two weeks. Clement placed into the C1 level, and while he already had a high proficiency in English, he was still able to improve his English by 2% during his time with us. It’s been a pleasure having Cle … Read more