Ethnic Groups in NYC


Both historically and presently, New York City has been known as the Melting Pot of America because of the diverse and concentrated ethnic groups and immigrants who have made New York City their home.  Living in New York City as a foreigner presents many opportunities to encounter ethnic groups you may not have exposure to in your home country.  Visiting these densely populated ethnic neighborhoods makes it possible to immerse yourself in an entirely different language and culture, and try authentically delicious cuisines from all over the world.

Here are some ethnic neighborhoods that are worth exploring on your own, or through a guided tour.  Be sure to taste the local delicacies!


Nationality: Greek    Neighborhood: Astoria, Queens

Nationality: Hassidic Jews    Neighborhoods: Borough Park, Crown Heights, and Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Nationality: Irish    Neighborhood: Breezy Point, Queens  ;  Rockaway Park, Queens

Nationality: Brazilian and Portuguese    Neighborhood: Newark, New Jersey

Nationality: Italian    Neighborhood: Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

Nationality: Indian and Bengali    Neighborhood: Jackson Heights, Queens

Nationality: West Indian    Neighborhood: Jamaica, Queens  ;  Flatlands, Brooklyn

Nationality: Russian    Neighborhood: Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

Nationality: Polish    Neighborhood: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Nationality: Chinese    Neighborhoods: Flushing, Queens ; Chinatown, Manhattan

Nationality: Colombian    Neighborhood: Elmhurst, Queens

Nationality: Jamaican/Caribbean    Neighborhood: Wakefield, Bronx

Nationality: Puerto Rican    Neighborhoods: Spanish Harlem, Manhattan  ;  East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Nationality: Dominican    Neighborhood: Washington Heights, Manhattan


How many have you been to?  Which did you find the most interesting?  When you check out these neighborhoods, be sure to take a picture and share it with EC New York’s Facebook page!