Damiano’s Testimonial

During his 16 weeks studying at EC New York, Damiano Antonucci improved his English by 104%.  That’s an amazing accomplishment!  Damiano shared with us why he would recommend EC New York, what he enjoyed most about EC New York, and provided advice for future and current EC new York students. & … Read more

Sarah’s Testimonial

Sarah Fatana from Switzerland improved her English by an incredible 135% during her 16 weeks at EC New York. That is an 8% improvement every week! Great job Sarah- what an amazing accomplishment! Sarah shared with us why she would recommend EC New York to others, her favorite things about studying a … Read more

Adriana’s Testimonial

Adriana Maria Gonzalez Niño from Colombia improved by 25% during her 12 weeks studying English at EC New York. That’s quite an accomplishment to be proud of! Adriana shared some of the highlights of her experience with us, and told us why she would recommend EC New York to other students, her favori … Read more

Mariia’s Testimonial

Mariia Korzhemanova from Russia improved her English by 17% during her 3 weeks at EC New York. That is a 6% improvement for each week! We are so proud of you. Way to go, Mariia! Mariia shared with us why she would recommend EC New York to others, her favorite things about EC New York, and her advice … Read more

A testimonial from three friends

Federica Simona from Switzerland, Pascal Ammann from Switzerland, and Francesco Antinucci from Italy met each other at EC and have become such close friends! The three of them shared information about their experience and about learning English in New York.   What is your favorite part about li … Read more

EC’s superpower wish list

On Tuesday, September 23, we asked EC students what superpower they would like to have, and to share their answer on the white board.  As it turns out, our students are quite ambitious!  Check out our finished board: What superpower would you like to have? Do you want  to study English with people f … Read more

Columbus Day: What to do?

REMINDER: EC NEW YORK WILL BE CLOSED ON OCTOBER 13th, IN CELEBRATION OF COLUMBUS DAY Every October, Americans celebrate Columbus day, a celebration of the arrival of Christopher Columbus to North America in 1492.  The holiday is also a celebration of Italian-American heritage, which invites many col … Read more

The October calendar is here!

October is here!  You know what that means: a new month, a new activity and event schedule!  With the beginning of October comes the arrival of autumn in New York, which is known to be the most beautiful season in New York.  Our new calendar includes several activities that revolve around the fall, … Read more

Dominik’s Testimonial

Dominik Formella has been studying at EC New York for three weeks at an upper intermediate level. We are sad to see him leave! Here is what he had to say about himself and his experience at EC New York:     Why are you learning English? I am learning English for work, which is why I am tak … Read more

Happy hour every Monday

  Every Monday, activity leader Emily brings new (and existing!) students to happy hour at a bar close to EC.  Even if you do not drink, these evenings are fun and full of opportunities to speak English and make new friends from around the world.  Each week there is a vocabulary challenge, and … Read more