“Here, people care about every student” – Marcelo’s Testimonial

Marcelo Weinstein Teixeira is a Brazilian student who studied English for five weeks at EC New York. He attended a General English course and was able to improve his English proficiency by 53%, which is approximately an 11% increase each week! Before he graduates today, Marcelo wanted to advise future students on ways to improve their English and share his thoughts on living and studying in New York.

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“I definitely recommend EC school because it’s a competent and serious school. Here, people care about every student. I had a great experience at EC New York. I loved NYC too, it’s a very nice city to live in. I think if you would like to improve your English, you need to keep concentrated on your studies because NYC has many things to do. I also recommend travelling a lot and speaking English full time.”

Thanks for the great advice and feedback, Marcelo! We wish you the best!

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