Keita shares his EC NY Experience!

Keita is a 26 year old dentist from Japan who has been studying at EC for 4 months, with 1 month left to go.  He is currently learning at a high intermediate level.  Keita shared with us the many reasons why he loves EC English!

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Why English?
When I work (as a dentist) in Japan, many of my patients don’t speak Japanese.  Many of them come from China and Korea, and I have to describe their oral problems in English.  I have been studying English for a long time because I want to communicate with foreign people and make a lot of friends so that I can learn new things from them.

Why EC?
I actually heard from other people from Japan that EC schools do not have many Japanese, which is good for learning English.

Why New York?
No particular reason, but I adore New Yorkers.  They are so fashionable and friendly!

What do you like most about living in New York?
There are a lot of people who are from Asian countries living in New York which I like because I can learn many things from them.  Also, New York has a lot of opportunities and famous places.  I never feel bored here.  And I can buy many clothes cheaper than in Japan- I have to buy a new suitcase!

Any advice for someone moving to New York and learning English?
New York plans many events every week, so I suggest don’t miss them if you want to attend.  I think it is a good place to learn English because there are so many opportunities to practice.

What do you like the most about EC?
I really like that there are a lot of friendly teachers and EC has good places for communicating with friends, like the lounge and study rooms.  Also, the smartboards are cool!

Some fun facts about Keita:
Keita’s favorite food in Japan is ramen.  In New York, his favorite food is hamburgers.  Also, he loves chilling in the park!


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